About Us

The CWC consists of psychologically trained professionals assisting individuals and organizations to reach their optimal potential, finding life satisfaction, and creating resilience. We provide strength-based interventions primarily from behavioral perspectives, meaning it is very goal-oriented and action-based. The CWC is committed to healthy coping, self-awareness, self-reflection, education, and peaceful living. We offer a wide range of services from treating mental health concerns to executive coaching to develop organizational and leadership strategies.

There are many practices where you can go and be heard. We are committed to taking that one step further as we focus on change- changing behaviors to promote healthier and more peaceful living. We are integrative and provide referrals or direct care including: dietetics, physical health training, meditation classes, psychiatry consults and referrals, and other interdisciplinary treatments. We are holistic and work to uncover everyone's optimal potential.




young adults said they had experienced symptoms of serious psychological distress in the past month (2017)


Estimated U.S. adults had any anxiety disorder in the past year


Adult patients with depression see primary care providers, but only half are accurately diagnosed.