Telemedicine- the provision of psychological services using telecommunication technologies. We offer HIPAA regulated video sessions using specially designed software. (Visit VSEE Scroll to the bottom of the page and you can select for which device to download the driver) based on your needs.

Times are changing, and the Counseling & Wellness Center, LLC is doing our best to remain current. As such, we have added the Telemedicine option to our practice. Our preference is to schedule a phone consultation, and then based on the need of the client and the client’s goals, we can establish an appropriate treatment plan. This is such a new practice that many states do not regulate the practice, but based on where you are living we will determine how we can treat you (this will be determined during the initial phone consultation).

We currently use VSee, a software platform that is HIPAA regulated and provides you and our team with the security that our video session is confidential. Here are the steps to use VSee:

VSEE Files

1. You can view this file for MAC MAC PADF
or this file for WINDOWS WINDOWS PDF.
2. Visit: VSEE Website
3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, under “VSEE Apps” select the appropriate operating system
4. Download the appropriate App
5. Register with VSee
6. Add: info "at" email address to your contact list


Payment is expected on the same day as the scheduled video session, and can be submitted through our online PayPal link.

For more information on Telemedicine, and how the American Psychological Association is protecting the practice, please visit: Also, a colleague Dr. Kenneth Pope has published a comprehensive webpage with information related to Telemedicine:

There are 5 VSEE how to videos, one for each browsers. Click on this video link for how to use the software. Videos