Alexis Jammo

Social Media Director

I am so connected to the mindfulness work and the officialdrpete brand, having been along for the ride since the beginning. Not only have we grown and been able to educate large masses, it has helped me in my personal and professional life learning about mindfulness.

Alexis Jammo is a Cum Laude and Departmental Honors graduate of Loyola University Chicago, with two degrees: International Studies and Communication Studies. Having studied four years of communication tactics, Alexis applies them to the @officialdrpete social media platforms, engaging with followers and strategically gaining a unique following. Alexis is able to utilize her background to convey the Official Dr. Pete Core Values: Mindfulness, Forgiveness, and the Manifestation of Happiness.

As a Communication Expert, Alexis manages the social media for other companies as well, including GG Benitez & Associates PR. In addition to these social media roles, Alexis Jammo is a Clinical Wound Care Specialist for the dermatology company Stratpharma.