Mark E. Louie

M.A., Ed.D., LPC, Clinician

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Mark E. Louie, Ed.D., LPC earned his Master’s degree in Psychological Counseling, and Doctorate degree in Exercise Physiology from Teachers College, Columbia University. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in New Jersey and New York.

Mark’s clinical experience includes working with adolescents, and adults specializing in health behavior. Areas of specialty and interest include sports psychology, performance enhancement, exercise adherence, and stress management.

Mark's doctoral research explored the effects of exercise on mental health, in particular examining changes in depression and resilience. Mark has experience with behavioral activation as a way to support his clients with committing and continuing exercise routines. His clinical interests are in the intersection between counseling, exercise, and sports psychology.

Mark’s clinical style is derived from trust, empowerment, taking action, and believing that the therapeutic relationship can facilitate transformational change. Mark believes in collaborating on client goals, creating buy-in, and using evidenced-based practices in supporting lifestyle changes and performance breakthroughs.

Currently, Mark is a post-doctoral associate and clinical research fellow in sports psychology at the Graduate School of Applied Professional Psychology (GSAPP) at Rutgers University. Mark also works with athletes in Seton Hall University. His dual specialty in kinesiology and psychological counseling provides an integrative health perspective to his clinical work